When Did Electronic Cigarette Use Started

When people talk about electronic cigarettes it seems that it has been around for ages. In fact, e-cig smoking has become ubiquitous to the point that there have been more people using it. Estimates place the global sales of electronic cigarettes to reach $1.2 billion in 2013. Market analysts predict that electronic cigarettes will surpass the sale of tobacco in 2023. But have we stopped to think when people started to use electronic cigarettes? Let us find out at www.esmoking101.com.

When did it start?
Perhaps the electronic cigarette can trace its roots to the patent that was filed by Herbert Gilbert in 1963. He described his invention as a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. Although people using e-cigs have something billowing but certainly it is not smoke but vapors. The invention was supposed to replace tobacco with heated and flavored vapors. The device sought to be a delivery system for heated pure nicotine that is producing vapors. However, this invention was never commercialized even if several business-minded people have approached him to make money out of his idea.

Hon Lik is widely credited as the one that commercialized the production of the device that we all know as electronic cigarettes. In 2003, Lik came up with an idea about an electronic device that was using piezoelectric principles. The goal of the electronic device is to deliver vapors containing pure nicotine to the lungs as a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco smoke. The pure nicotine that is being used has been mixed with water and propelyne glycol. The device is able to deliver the nicotine by burning it through a vaporizer taking the solution from a replaceable cartridge which is also doubling as a mouthpiece.

Is it legal?

Since the technology is about 10 years old, there is not much research or studies that have been conducted to verify the claims. There have been speculations that electronic cigarettes are as harmful as ordinary tobacco but these have yet to be fully confirmed. There are moves to ban the sale or at least regulate it. There have been apprehensions that continued non-regulation of the device can make nicotine addiction a far reaching epidemic that can also impact otherwise non-smokers but has been attracted to electronic cigarettes due to the calming and sedative effects of pure

Today there are countries in the world that has been regulating the e-cigs as medical devices. This means that before a person can buy the device and some e-liquid there is a need to secure a prescription from a competent doctor. There are also places like the Czech Republic where the sale, advertisement and distribution of electronic cigarettes are not allowed. Estonia used to ban the sale but has since overturned this ruling. Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and United Kingdom allow the sale of electronic cigarettes with little or no restrictions.

Electronic cigarettes have become a major smoking-cessation device. It is perhaps proper that once and for all studies should be conducted to determine the safety of the device. It is important that this device live on as
it has helped countless smokers quit smoking tobacco.

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing E-liquids

Electronic cigarette use is not just about the device. In order to complete the vaping experience you need to also consider the e-liquids. E-liquids are mixture of pure nicotine in a diluent base that is being vaporized. The vapor
is then inhaled to deliver the nicotine through the lungs which is the familiar method of delivering the addictive substance to the body. But choosing e-liquid can be tricky at times or even confusing if you don’t know how. Here are some tips that you can follow so you can get the mix that will suit your taste at www.esmoking101.com/information/e-liquid-whats-the-deal.

Hunt for free trials
A lot of electronic cigarette manufacturers are offering free trials for the purpose of giving the vapers a sample of what is in store for them. The trials are designed in a way that vapers can experience the taste and the flavor of
the vapors before they lock in for the long haul. Often, the companies would offer a cartridge for trial that is good for 50 smokes. That is pretty generous offer considering you get to have free smokes. Think about the savings that you can get from the offer. That is why it is advised not to ignore offers that come your way. Make sure you carefully read the fine print before you engage so that you will not caught flatfooted if your credit card starts to get charged at the end of the month.

Find your strength
No, we’re not talking about your physical strength but the strength of your nicotine. With e-liquids, you can customize the potency of the nicotine that you are getting. You can choose from the mildest to the extra strong. This is where the testing and the trial become so crucial. If you smoke a lot it would be best to have a mix that has more nicotine. It is not advisable to choose a strong blend of pure nicotine if you are not a heavy smoker.

Find your taste
Commonly, e-liquids come in using two different kinds of diluents. An e-liquid that has a stronger and bolder taste means that it is using propylene glycol. If you are the type that likes to smoke a milder flavor it is best to choose
vegetable glycol. Vegetable glycol based e-liquid is good for after dinner vapes as it is not strong and still delivers the right amount of nicotine which is actually one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Look for your flavor
If you find the regular blend a bit bland you can have some flavors added. There are hundreds of flavors to choose from. Again you can customize your flavor through the testing or starter kits that often would come for free or at
a discounted rate. Try different flavors that are available and pick the one that you really, really like.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is not just getting the device and start vaping. There is also an art involved in creating the pleasurable and comfortable experience. The whole process will lead you to a nicer time vaping because it
is tailored-fit to your preferences just like www.esmoking101.com/reviews/smoketip/.

Power Foods To Boost Your Immunity

When you smoke too much it is possible that your immunity goes down. The immune system is the first and perhaps the final line of defense that your body has against contaminants and contagions. Tobacco smoke carries a lot of chemicals that would raise the level of free radicals in the body. When this happens it can alter the state of the immune system. This explains why smokers can get coughs, colds and other infection quite easily. The body’s natural defense is not strong enough to fight or ward off the invaders. That is why as you quit smoking it is important that you also couple it with actions that can bolster the immune system. One of the great ways is through food. Here are some of the power foods that can help boost a sagging immune system. If you got trouble on your health because of smoking habit, why not take the advice of http://www.esmoking101.com/information/which-brands-are-really-the-cheapest.

Yogurt is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind as far as eating beneficial bacteria for the immune system is concerned. Yogurt is basically a fermented dairy product that has a lot of bifidobacillus that can improve the population of intestinal flora. In a study, increasing the number of beneficial live microorganism in the body can significantly reduce the risk of getting sick. This prompted the researchers to conclude that increasing yogurt intake
can lead to better immune system which is often gets compromised by inhaling too much cigarette smoke.

Oatmeal and other grains like barley are rich in beta-glucan. This is a dietary fiber that can help the immune system fight bacteria and viruses that enter the body. Beta-glucan is also a powerful anti-oxidant that is helpful in countering the adverse health effects of free radicals that often ingested into the body through tobacco smoke. Studies show that animals that have been fed a lot of oats and barley tend to get less sick compared to animals that
were not fed with food that are rich in beta-glucan.

Garlic is not just your round-of-the-mill spice that you have in your kitchen. It is also a great anti-bacterial agent that can help bolster the ability of the immune system to fight or ward off infections. In a study conducted in Britain about 146 people were given garlic for 12 weeks. The people who had garlic were less likely to be sick compared to those who were given placebo. Garlic can also help reduce the risk of certain cancers that may be caused by tobacco smoke.

Fish particularly those of the fatty variety like mackerel, sardines and tuna are great in boosting a sagging immune system. The selenium in seafood is helpful in creating cells that can fight the onslaught of contagions that can cause infections and make the body sick. Also fatty fish contains a significant amount of Omaga 3 which is helpful in making the body less inflamed which is the chief reason why the immune system is often not up to the task.

Eating certain food can help people reach the pink of health. Quitting smoking can do a lot to body. However, as you undergo the process of recovery it is best to use food to bolster the immune system. This would ensure that the body would get less exposure to health problems.